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  • Hi-Fi 的世界裡-沒有最好 • 只有更好 treVolo 2

    世界首款可攜式靜電藍牙喇叭-「低音進化 X 聲學優化」帶來更具量感且更全能的聲音表現,引領您進入從未體驗過的行動美聲領域。

  • treVolo 靜電藍牙喇叭 部落格



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  • treVolo

    treVolo is the first portable speaker available with the same technology as high-end listening room speakers. It utilizes a quad amplified design utilizing active electrostatic panels, high quality woofers, and large radiators that are precisely tuned with a custom tuned DSP to deliver truly uncompromising sound for the compelling audio enjoyment.